Our Approach

HBC provides the most advanced equestrian design services available to help make your facilities examples of green leadership in the equestrian community.  We design facilities that deliver practical, safe, and attractive spaces for barns, arenas, courses, bridle trails, and pastures. 

As responsible stewards, HBC employs Low Impact Design (LID), Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and sustainable design to assist Equine Owners and Ranches in managing stormwater runoff on their farms, pastures, and stables.  

These stormwater techniques are the most responsible and comprehensive systems that mimic nature, while controlling and processing animal and storm runoff that could otherwise adversely affect, or even destroy surrounding streams, waterways and wildlife.  HBC’s Equestrian Planning is the best management practice to embrace such an important mission.  Rather than relying on conventional ditching or falling victim to heavily sloping grades, our techniques blend with the surrounding landscape to provide long term solutions. By managing runoff close to its source, LID can enhance the local environment, protect public and equine health, and improve overall livability.  Such practices economically save our clients money (from piping, drains, etc…), limits liabilities, and have reasonable construction costs.  To further reduce a facility’s environmental footprint (impact), HBC employs their LEED accredited professionals to create a green thread, from buildings to pasture.

Proud Members Of:
Equestrian Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) and USEF