One of the basics of Landscape Architecture is creating spaces for people.  Although cemeteries are literally spaces for people, under the ground, what happens above ground is what influences the minds of those left behind.  Cemetery design is a very delicate matter when you consider those who will be visiting. Because of this, cemeteries are a very important space for Landscape Architects to show their abilities and at HBC we believe in creating beautiful and tranquil park like cemeteries that bring visitors comfort and peace.

Family plot, charlotte, nc

HBC designed the plot layout for this family plot along with plantings, seating spaces, and a family statue placement to give this family a calm and beautiful space for many generations.

old nixon cemetery at porter's crossing, wilmington, nc

Comprehenive cemetery design

HBC staff member, Maud Kelley, worked on a project to renew interest in cemetery design and the project above included such research as:  number of Greensboro inhabitants, rate of death for Greensboro, number of available burial spaces in Greensboro, NC Cemetery Commission laws, survey and study existing conditions (soil, hydrology, vegetation), case studies of cemetery design, construction drawings for fountains, walks, roads, etc., planting plan, and road layout.